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Paul Smith, Bikes and Stripes.

As one of the best known designers in this country, if not the world, Paul Smith has quite a following.

I'm a big fan of Paul Smith, over the years he has created some truly iconic pieces. I used to have a shirt with an astronaut print on the back, I loved that shirt.

Paul Smith has always managed to include his own passions into his products and in case you hadn't realised, Paul is passionate about bikes, bikes feature heavily in th Paul Smith accessories collection, and cycling is big in this country right now.

I'm a keen cyclist myself, and whilst I keep telling my self I'm not middle aged, I probably do fall into the M.A.M.I.L category, thats' Middle Aged Man In Lycra' for those who didn't know.

These items really appeal to me, because in that usual Paul Smith manner he has managed to include a passion of his, without it being naff.

Paul Smith accessories are perfect for the cyclist in your life, whether that be you or a loved one and at Hewetts, we have a great selection.

With regards to the stripes, I'm not sure if Stripes are a passion of Paul Smith, they certainly are a big part of the brand and it's image and who doesn't like stripes?

And it rhymes with bikes, so seemed quite fitting for this post.

Paul Smith Socks £17

Paul smith Flightbag £ 235

Paul Smith Washbag £145

Paul Smith Stripe Underwear £31

Paul Smith Stripe Coain Wallet £129

All available at Hewetts

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