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Here at Hewetts we have lots of brands you're sure to know and many that you probably dont.
This page just tells you a little bit about some of the brands we stock, this is by no means a comprehensive list and we've always got bits and pieces that come and go, so why not pay us a visit and take a look?
Paul Smith
Hewetts of Marlow Paul Smith


Within 20 years of his introduction to fashion Paul Smith had established himself as the pre-eminent British designer.


Paul Smith has the ability to anticipate, and even spark off trends not only fashion but in the wider context of popular culture. He manages to transmit a genuine sense of humour and mischief mixed with his love of tradition and the classics.


Paul Smith continues to be an integral part of the company; he is both designer and chairman. Paul Smith is continually involved in every aspect of the business and as a result, Paul Smith Limited retains a personal touch often lost in companies of a similar size.


Paul Smith produce some some genuinely interesting stuff, and have one of the best accessory collections available today.


We have a wide selection of Paul Smith available at Hewetts, from coats to cufflinks, and most things in between.



Started in the U.S. in 1949 by Marty and Elliot Gantmacher. following a family tradition of garment manufacturing started by their father Bernard.


 Originally a shirtmaker, Gant acheived a cult status amongst American students during the 1960's.


The Gant of today produce everything from baseball caps to blazers, neatly combining American casualness with European elegance.


Gant clothing is easily wearable and has a tendancy to last and last, it "wears in" rather than "wears out" more often than getting better with age.


Here at Hewetts we've been Gant stockists for over 20 years and have devoted a whole floor to it, we're certain that when youve tried Gant, you'll be back for more.


Hewetts of Marlow Gant
Hewetts of Marlow Hackett


Hackett started life in 1979 as a stall in the portobello market selling second hand clothing, Jeremy Hackett and his partner Ashley Lloyd-Jennings opened their first shop in 1983, at first selling second hand clothing, but later manufacturing their own archetypally British sartorial product.


in 1988, Hackett adopted the tag line for which they have become known 'Essential British kit'.


Hackett has continued to go from strength to strength, forging ties with many sports and now has a significant global presence.


At Hewetts, we love Hackett for their fantastic outerwear and knitwear which manage to combine style and timlessness in equal measure.

scotch and Soda


Scotch & Soda want people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them.


Their designers spare no expense in ensuring the high quality detailing and finishing of each and every garment, which are inspired by tried and tested classic and vintage styles and a wealth of inspiration from around the world.


Scotch & Soda has been around since the ‘80s, but the brand as we know it today, originated in in 2001, when three new owners joined forces and brought to the table their broad experience and shared love of making great apparel. 


Scotch and Soda make something for everyone, here at Hewetts, we've sold bits to 18 year olds and 80 year olds, their clothing and accessories are affordable and exciting.


Come and find out why this brand are having such success, we're certain you'll find something you love.



Hewetts of Marlow Scotch and Soda
Hewetts of Marlow profuomo shirts ties


Profuomo was founded in 1934 by Heinz Michaelis, a tailor with a clear vision. Heinz wanted to make high quality clothing produced with special care and attention given to the design and production process. Everything from the raw material to the final stitches should be chosen and applied with consideration and deliberation.

The products they make today are inspired by the same philosophy that Heinz introduced back in 1934, with the benefit of the knowledge and expertise accumulated by three generations of the same family.


As you’d expect from a family run Italian design collection, the way they approach their collections hasn’t changed. They still use the finest raw materials and work with the best Italian weavers.


Here at Hewetts, Profuomo has a great following, Profuomo use some of the finest Italian fabrics and produce some fantastic shirts, without the associated designer price tag, they're very easy to live with too, they wash well and iron easily, maybe this is why people keep coming back for more.



The story of Edwin is long and illustrious. In 1947 the Edwin brand was established in Japan by Mr Tsunemi, originally importing denim from the U.S, then later manufacturing their own in Japan. 


In 1963 Edwin produced the world’s heaviest ringspun denim jean (16oz), it featured their famous three-colour rainbow selvedge, which is still being used in the range today.


in the 1970's Edwin become the first company in the world to develop an ‘old wash’, designed to replicate denim which has been worn from its rigid, unwashed 'raw' state.


in the 1980's Edwin went further to invent ‘stone washing’, revolutionising the entire denim industry. A pivotal moment in the evolution of denim manufacturing, influencing every denim company in existence today.


Today, Edwin continue to make some awesome jeans, in a multitude of cuts and washes and have a cult status amongst denim fans worldwide. 




Hewetts of Marlow Edwin jeans
Hewetts of Marlow Farah


Farah have far too interesting a history to go into here, save to say, they've been around for a long time, in fact they opened their first factory back in 1910 in el paso.


Later becoming famous for their trousers, they're now producing the complete collection of high quality clothing at very reasonable prices.

if you want to know their full story, then click on the F below.



Replay was founded in 1978 by Italian Claudio Buziol.

Replay have become a major player in the world of denim with their creative washes and fabrics.

Here at Hewetts we love their 'Hyperflex' denim, truly the most comfotable jeans you'll ever wear.

Also, how can you not love their corporate headquarters? (pictured left)

Lee Jeans
Hewetts of Marlow Lee jeans

Lee Jeans

Lee Mercantile Company was founded by Henry David Lee in 1889, when Lee opened his first garment factory in Salina, Kansas, producing dungarees and jackets.

In 1913, the Union-All work jumpsuit was created, followed by the first-ever "Overall" in 1920 - laying the foundation for Lee's early growth. 


Through the '20s, Lee introduced many new innovations to manufactured denim, most notably the zipper fly. Throughout the '30s and '40s Lee continued to build on their brand, becoming America's #1 manufacturer of work clothes.


Lee are still going strong and must rate up there as one of the best known producers of  jeans on the globe.


With a background in workwear, you know that Lee jeans are up to the task and will last and last.


Whilst it's still possible to buy the original overall and workwear, we at Hewetts have chosen Lee for it's great Denim, available in a multitude of cuts and washes, there's something for everyone at great price. 


Secrid are a Dutch company who produce a fantastic range of wallets.

Using a clever mechanical design, Secrid wallets manage to look cool whilst  appealing to the gadget obsessed side of all of us.

An added benefit is the fact that they also protect your cards from RFID theft.

At Hewetts we love Secrid as they're a great gift at a great price in a great range of colours.

Hewetts of Marlow Supremebeing

Ted Baker

Having launched as a shirt specialist of some repute in Glasgow Ted Baker quickly became the place to buy some of the very best contemporary men's shirting around.


From the beginning there has been a very clear, unswerving, focus on quality, attention to detail and a quirky sense of humour, so much so in fact that the first stores used to provide a laundry service for every shirt purchased – something that gained the quickly growing brand the title of ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’.


Here at Hewetts we were originally drawn to Ted Baker because of their fantastic accessories collection, but when we dug a little deeper we realised all the little 'Ted' quirks make for a really interesting range, from pants to polo shirts.

Ted Baker
Bass Shoes

Bass Shoes

The history of G.H. Bass & Co. dates back to Maine in 1876 and George Henry Bass- a man on a simple mission to make the very best shoe.


In 1936, G.H. Bass & Co. put a stylish spin on a Norwegian farm shoe designed for “loafing in the field,” and playfully dubbed them Weejuns – introducing the world’s first penny loafer.


From strolling across college campuses to doing the moonwalk, Weejuns have been found on industrious feet ever since.

Here at Hewetts we love the history of Bass shoes and the fact that they look awesome is a bit of a bonus. 

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