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The Edwin Red Beanie Hat

This year Edwin, one of my favourite brands, has in their collection a fantastic beanie hat, it is of course available in navy blue, but the colour I'm more interested in is the red one, why red? you ask.

Red beanies were the hat of choice of one of my favourite characters from history, Jaques Cousteau, everybody knows about Jaques Cousteau, the guy is a legend, he was a pioneer of underwater photography and exploration and even co-developed the aqua lung, which freed divers from the cumbersome surface supplied diving suits of the day. Also, he always wore a red beanie hat.

Jaques shot to fame in 1953 when he released his book;' The silent world: a story of undersea discovery and adventure, and then later by his film of the same name. At the time no one had seen anything like it.

Jaques and his crew operated from their ship the calypso and had some awesome underwater adventures, paving the way for the amazing underwater photography we see in documentaries


Many years later, Jaques' adventures were affectionally sent up in one of my favorite films; 'The life aquatic with Steve Zissou', this hilarious Wes Anderson movie starring another legendary figure, Bill Murray, again heavily features the ubiquitous red beanie hat.

I realise that a red beanie hat might not be to everybodies taste, but rest assured if you do decide to don one, you'll be in good company, oh, it will keep your head warm too.

Edwin red beanie hat, available at Hewetts £20

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